Because of an injury we have had to pull out of these two gigs:

04.07.15 - Le Ferme Electrique, Tournan-en-Brie, France
05.07.15 - Rye Wax Record Shop, London
Sorry, we really wanted to play, hopefully we can play those places another time.

In the meantime we have our albums and some live recordings up for free download at
Thanks, Eyes


Shield Your Eyes "Reciprocate" Vinyl LP with download

LP with free download / download only
Immediate despatch

Click here to download or listen to RECIPROCATE

RECIPROCATE TOUR - late-Nov/early Dec 2014
Paris/Lyon/Montpellier/Barcelona/Tolosa, playing:
Perpetual Blues
Faith In Love
Drill Your Heavy Heart
Toredown/Euro Waif/various blues boogies
many many thanks to all the wonderful people

Price includes postage to anywhere in the world

SPRING TOUR - Germany/Czech Republic/France/England, April 2014

our first tour with Dearbhla on bass guitar, our set was:
Perpetual Blues
Faith In Love
Drill Your Heavy Heart
Euro Waif/Toredown, and sometimes

REACH album

Shield Your Eyes "Reach" Vinyl LP with CD

Shield Your Eyes "Reach" CD

LP with CD / just CD
Immediate despatch

click here to download or listen to REACH

REACH TOUR - Spain/France/England, November 2013

on this tour our set was:
Perpetual Blues
Ward Off Evil Spirits
Faith In Love
Drill Your Heavy Heart
Must Be Swiftly Followed by a Great Deal More
Young Man Blues
Sabbra Cadabra
and various Blues Boogies
many many thanks to everyone who came or helped in any way

Lemon Day Festival & Supernormal Festival 2013

We are playing a couple of great festivals this summer. The first is Lemon Day Festival in Capelladas, Spain, on Saturday 6th July, and the other is Supernormal Festival in some countryside near Reading on Saturday 10th August

And our album is being mastered at the moment, and should be ready to buy as a vinyl, a CD, or download in a couple of months from now
Thanks, maybe see you at one of those festivals

Click here for a free download of our gig in Nantes, from our tour in February

14.02.13 - Tours, France
15.02.13 - Paris, France
16.02.13 - Dijon, France
19.02.13 - Bonnevaux, France
20.02.13 - Barcelona, Spain
21.02.13 - Valencia, Spain
22.02.13 - Madrid, Spain
23.02.13 - Zaragoza, Spain
24.02.13 - Vitoria, Spain
26.02.13 - Nantes, France
27.02.13 - Rennes, France
28.02.13 - Bristol, England
01.03.13 - Nottingham, England
02.03.13 - Leeds, England
Thanks everyone who saw or helped

We were playing Flown/Fold/Faith In Love/Larkspur/Drill Your Heavy Heart/Die Slow Blues/Young Man Blues/You Owe Me A Shitload Of Money Blues/Im So Glad/Sabbra Cadabra

We tape recorded the Zaragoza/Vitoria/Nantes dates, and were invited for a radio session in Nantes, so hopefully we will be able to make those free to download soon. Thanks again

on this tour we played Flown/Fold/Larkspur/Tryna Lean a Ladder Up Against the Wind/Faith In Love/Drill Your Heavy Heart/Peek/Young Man Blues/I'm So Glad (Skip James/Cream cover)

February videos from France & Spain

Nimes - Flown

Nimes - Drill Your Heavy Heart

Zaragoza - Young Man Blues

The songs we were playing on this tour were
Harmonica Boogie (written in January)
Flown (written in January)
Fold (written in January)
Tryna Lean A Ladder Up Against The Wind
Time On You
Drill Your Heavy Heart
Young Man Blues (The Who)
Sabbra Cadabra (Black Sabbath)

volume 4 photos

Photos of the Volume 4 recording sessions, taken by Matt Williams, for the sleeve and vinyl insert
by matt williams
by matt williams
by matt williams
as ever, oceanic thanks to Matt, he has taken the photos for all our albums and a few gigs along the way as well. Click here for Matt's website